What readers are saying…

A clever and absolutely original take on a genre that can easily be predictable. Deeken sets a grounded and believable stage to tell a story of redemption, dedication and perseverance in trying times.”  – Nathan in Chicago.

“This is more than just a story of a father’s journey to find his son, but also a road to self discovery, growth and acceptance in a post apocalyptic world. It is an emotional and truly captivating journey that the author allows the reader to be a part of.” – Michelle in Sarasota.

“Not only is this a riveting post-apocalyptic adventure, it’s so full of real world wisdom that I’m planning on revisiting it often as my own son grows up. Just so I know what to say.” – Jeremy in Los Angeles.

A gripping story that pulls you into Sam’s world and makes you sympathize with his plight and easily start to think about your own world being thrust into his dystopian reality.” – Mandy in Salt Lake City.

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About the Author

Todd Deeken has been telling stories and having outdoor adventures his entire life.  He wrote multiple short stories as a teenager, and moved to Los Angeles in his twenties to pursue screenwriting. After fourteen years, more than a dozen scripts, and many solo camping and climbing adventures throughout California, Todd moved to Park City, Utah with his wife and son. He built the well respected car review show “Everyday Driver” but never stopped writing. Fatherhood and time outdoors delayed this novel, but allowed Todd to pull parenting moments into the fictitious world he was creating. Paper Father is his first novel.

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The Story

Everything in Samuel Kerr’s life is gone. After nearly four years in the debtor’s prison system, he’s released into a changed nation. Sam thought he had sent his wife and young son to live in safety with his parents, but when he reaches their California home, he finds his parents killed and his wife and son missing.

While Sam was in prison, national resources dwindled, and the wealthy barricaded themselves in new enclaves nicknamed “The Shining Cities.” Chaos reigns outside these city walls as everyone else fights for survival.

Sam discovers clues that suggest his wife and son are in the Shining City of Aspen, Colorado, more than a thousand miles away. With few supplies, and little chance of survival, Sam sets off toward Aspen.

Fearing he won’t survive the trip, Sam begins writing down his thoughts for his young son, Danny. Through ambush, new friends, and betrayal he uses a legal pad as his confessional and attempts to pass on the things he’s learned. It may be as close to fatherhood as he gets.