October, 2008

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Be very afraid….

Monday, October 27th, 2008

So here we are… marching toward a Presidential election with both sides ramping up to a crazed din so loud my ears are bleeding.

Now it’s all just noise.

And I find myself disappointed.  Pissed off even.

All the discussion, the ads, the YouTube viral videos invading my inbox, the discussions around me…. they all have one thing in common.  No matter what side.  No matter what issue…

We’re supposed to be afraid.   We’re supposed to be cowering under the stairs in terror.

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The Logic Vacuum…

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

When I left New Line Cinema in June of ’07, and I was seriously considering writing a book about the idiocy I saw everyday in the way the studio was run.

A year later, June ’08, New Line was officially closed and folded into Warner Bros, leaving nearly 600 people without a job.  Suddenly my book idea seemed like sour grapes.

I did learn a lot at New Line.  And I lived and breathed feature post production for a long time.  So now that I’m working Freelance I’ve come across a consistently strange misunderstanding.

There’s a term in Post Production called “Picture Lock”.  And as a writer I’m a guy that thinks words mean something…. Picture (the film, the edit choices, the way things go together)…. Lock (Final, decided, no longer up for debate or open for changes).

Elementary?  I thought so – but the logic vacuum which seemed a plague of the studio system is sucking it’s way through indie films as well… Just in different ways.

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One too many hobbies…

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

I’m slowly loading some of my photography.

I love doing it, and come away with some decent shots.  Happy to hear any and all comments on them.

The first real grouping is available HERE.  Finally getting the hang of how to post them.