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How Long is Too Long…

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

When I moved to Los Angeles I had my share of nay-sayers. Some folks in influential or mentor-type roles really questioned my thinking. I was 23 years old and “following a dream”. One in particular asked me “How long do you intend to do this?”

Wanting terms and conditions. A quantifiable plan. Milestones.

I responded “How long is a dream worth chasing?” That shut them up. They had no answer for that, and I don’t think they’d ever even thought of the question.

Now, thirteen years later I don’t have an answer for it either. How long is a dream worth chasing? I find that to be the lingering query of my existence. If forced to answer I would quickly say “as long as I have breath…”

But reality does dawn… even on us dreamers. Click to continue »

I Remember This….

Monday, March 16th, 2009

If you ever liked photography.  Get a Digital SLR.  The ability to take a picture, see if it worked, and fire again is invaluable.

I’ve decided to embrace the enormous world of FLICKR.  And now I’m finding myself even more schooled.

More pictures are loaded than before, and comments are easy.  Thanks for looking.

Green with Insanity…

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

One of the biggest PR success stories in history has to be the meteoric rise of the “Green” movement. 10 years ago, if you said something was “green” most of the world thought you were referring to the color. Now, not only is it a statement of efficiency and conservation, but it’s blurred right past the train stop of public consciousness and positioned itself as a goal.

Not for anyone. Not for a specific product. For Everyone. For Every product.

So I find myself laughing. I think awareness of resources and their usage is wise in every area. But putting an eco-friendly bent on many things is just asinine… Click to continue »