Giant Pause Button (FoF#2)

So I’m making a movie. At least, that’s what they tell me.

You know, “they”… the folks that run everything, especially Hollywood.

In the case of “Fight or Flight”, “they” are the folks getting the money together (my producers) and the folks actually writing the checks for said money (Magical elves, I believe). I dunno, actually… I just work here.

In all honesty though, we’ve had a delay. Thankfully there are lots of people who think this movie makes all kinds of sense – which in Hollywood actually means it makes money sense – and we’ve got all kinds of projections about the money it can earn on the back end.

But… and I hate to bring this up… that means we’ve got to actually make it first.

It’s the front end money which is moving like a snail who’s turned to Velcro.

So we’ve pushed. (Sorry… Hollywood speak for “Delayed”).

The good news is I’m still making a movie. Most of the stats and folks involved will be the same. The unknown is when. Sometime in 2009 is all I know for sure.

Obviously, I’d prefer sooner than later. But this part continues to be a ride for me as much as everybody else. I don’t get to call the shots until… well… I’m actually calling the shots.

Luckily I have storyboards to explain my point… so if someone gets really impatient they can read the comic book version of my script.

Funny the turns of all this… Spend months editing someone else’s film, ramp up to direct your own, then turn into a comic book artist.

More news when I have it… but for the moment I’m standing on the corner with a leash, trying to walk a snail.



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