No man left behind…

I’m suddenly awash in blog topics, but this felt like something I should write the minute I felt inspired. No, inspired is wrong. Challenged is a better word.

I attend a gathering of Christians in the entertainment industry – an odd group who are way too liberal for “Christians” as most people think of them, and way too grounded / conservative / stupid (depending upon the person judging) for the rest of Hollywood.

I generally get something out of it, but tonight the speaker touched on something profound. Or, more specifically, profoundly sad:

You’ve probably heard that Hollywood is all “who you know.” But, I’m here to tell you it’s more true than you ever imagined. No one gets hired off a great resume. It’s who knows them. Who vouches for them. Who’s worked with them before. So there’s a lot of time spent connecting over similarities or places where you and the person across the table see eye to eye. Sometimes there’s a genuine connection. Sometimes it’s “Oh, a picture of you skiing… I like skiing.” Redefining lame.

So you would think that people with similar spiritual beliefs could find a great common ground. We didn’t order the same thing at starbucks here “you get that too? Isn’t it the best?” This is a touch deeper than that – a commonality of questions of purpose and eternity.

Yet every other group in town is helping each other. Encouraging networking. Asking people to “give them a shot” or “take a meeting” because they went to the same school 35 years apart. Or both drive a BMW. Or hate that same restaurant.

And the Christians? Adhering to a “no networking” policy. Only patting others on the back if they’ve got a knife in their hand. Paying less and asking more because “we’re family”, yet ceasing to be relatives when they could put in a good word.

Tonight, the topic wasn’t even about this problem. We talked about confidence and encouragement. And as a side note… a mention that we should encourage each other. When did we all stop being fans of other people? Can no one succeed but us?

I’m guilty. I’m working on it. I know a lot of talented people. And every last one of them deserves a shot cause they’re gonna knock it out of the park. Truth is, they deserve it completely even if it’s the same kind of shot I’m waiting for.

Cause I’m a fan. And they are family.

I left this evening with one statement ringing through my head. An offshoot. A tangent. But the crux for me… I want it on a T-Shirt.

“Why is the Army of God the only one leaving their wounded behind?”

In Hollywood, it seems part of the battle plan.

The next time I’m in the trenches, I hope I remember to grab a gurney and some bandages. Someone’s gonna need it.


  1. I can’t imagine how much this much grieve God when He sees His children in action.

    Thanks for making a difference.

  2. I think it should be pointed out the wounded on the field are often by self inflicted wounds. If we are not living out putting our brother ahead, we are blowing off our own foot.
    The media culture of the industry is about self. Juxtaposed to what Christianity is about. Does it mean that you can not be successful in hollywood as a Christian?
    No, But what it should be about is living a life of intentionality.

    What are the characteristics that play out in daily life in an actor that is living Jesus? Self sacrifice, Honor, Promotion…

    What does that look like in our Behaviors?, Capabilities,Beliefs, Identity,and Mission?

    Possibly like this….

    What would it be like to gather a group of Christian actors together ( Lets say 5-10). Commit to promoting that person together into all the related networks that you have. (facebook, twitter, word of mouth, coffees, intros etc)
    All focused on promoting that one persons success?

    Think about it, 7 days you have your own agent,marketing, media team working for you. Would that be more effective then stabbing each other in the back?
    Then the next week, All the group choose to promote and sponsor that next person in their tribe into whatever role they wanted. Each tribe member working for the success of each individual.
    Christians have something that the world doesn’t. A model of self sacrifice and honor. That model is the catalyst to bind together your mutual success even if it isn’t “Your Week” to be promoted.
    It will be quickly transparent who the takers are and who the givers are. Takers are voted out of the tribe. Givers bring wood to the individuals and tribes bonfire.

    Then if a tribe member gets the role because of the tribe, they document clear good faith that they leverage that position to bring along the tribe.

    This can be easily done through twitter and facebook groups. You just have to be clear about your Expectations, Measureables ( this is how you measure how much you are getting done for the tribe that orients your progress toward the goal. This way the other members know that you are pulling the oar as deeply and hard as possible without confrontation) and Deliverable s ( an agreement to do for each other and what that would look like so those that are working for each other know what to expect).

    This how a group of Christian actors can utilize the models of self sacrifice and unity to bring your tribe along.

    Scott Leese
    Executive Coaching
    Rapid Transformation Specialist
    Tossing matches, lighting fuses and pulling triggers in the lives of everyday people.
    Twitter ScottLeese

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