What readers are saying…

A clever and absolutely original take on a genre that can easily be predictable. Deeken sets a grounded and believable stage to tell a story of redemption, dedication and perseverance in trying times.”  – Nathan in Chicago.

“This is more than just a story of a father’s journey to find his son, but also a road to self discovery, growth and acceptance in a post apocalyptic world. It is an emotional and truly captivating journey that the author allows the reader to be a part of.” – Michelle in Sarasota.

“Not only is this a riveting post-apocalyptic adventure, it’s so full of real world wisdom that I’m planning on revisiting it often as my own son grows up. Just so I know what to say.” – Jeremy in Los Angeles.

A gripping story that pulls you into Sam’s world and makes you sympathize with his plight and easily start to think about your own world being thrust into his dystopian reality.” – Mandy in Salt Lake City.

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