Enormous Moving Trucks and You…

All you need is a driver’s license and credit card in order to put yourself in a vehicle the size of your local highschool gym.  No special training.  Not even a pamphlet.

So after my recent excursion in the biggest rental trucks available I offer the following observations – in case you ever need them:

  • There are no instructions for Weigh stations.  Don’t look for them.  You have to wing it.
  • Just because the vehicle’s weigh enough to crack the earth, don’t expect it to smooth out bumps in the road.  You will feel every undulation like it’s the crank hill of a rollercoaster.
  • All these trucks have anti-lock brakes.  Be prepared for the system to engage when you depress the pedal any amount at any speed.  This means it will take you even longer to stop.
  • Diesel is more fuel efficient than gasoline when you’re hauling heavy loads.  Expect miles per gallon in the high single digits.  Try to beat my high score of 8.2 mpg!
  • Imagine what a huge crosswind would do to an enormous billboard.  Now note that the sides of your truck are the same size as that billboard.  Good luck.
  • Any time you think you’ve gotten the hang of the vehicle, try making a right turn on a single lane road without catching the curb.

And if you have a friend, I do recommend drag racing.


  1. GREAT! Really enjoyed both of the entries.:-) there is a Carlos O’Kelly’s in St. JOE right on the Belt. Never been there. I’m with you. WHAT do the irish know about Mex. food. Of course “his” first name IS Carlos! 🙂

    mom 0x0x

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