Best Pictures of 2011 – Part 2

This is part two of my favorite pictures from 2011. While the first five were world photographs, this group is more personal. I either took them, or was part of their capture.

And like the last time, I’ll comment on why they matter to me.


I took this out the front window of our house. With the fog it seems like we’re in completely untouched surroundings. In truth, we have neighbors and easy freeway access, but this is our view. Every time I see this photo I feel profoundly blessed that we have our house. The things that aligned to put us into this place are a clear moving of divine providence in our lives. I try to sit and look out this window every morning before going to work. It reminds me.


I work very hard on Everyday Driver. In fact, it is a genuine second job and often very difficult to balance in the midst of real job, marriage, parenthood and writing for this blog and plot-driven purposes. I love the show and the experiences it has granted us. I’m also proud of much of our work. This is a 2011 BMW M3 I photographed during one of the most epic shoots we’ve ever produced. It reminds me of all the things we have accomplished. All the things I still want to improve. And how well we do when everything is working.


As a rule, I really don’t like pictures of myself. That may seem strange considering the amount of time I spend on camera these days (see #2), but I’m much more comfortable seeing myself in motion than frozen in time. Strange, but true. I didn’t know this photo had been taken, as Paul snapped it while in our front yard for Thanksgiving. I like the adventure suggested in this photo, with home base represented by our address marker as we head off toward the distant mountains. And the dog, realizing I really am going for a walk and scampering happily to catch up. This is what free-time looks like.


Now that everyone has camera phones, Bodie is constantly documented with his own troop of paparazzi. I can’t even fathom how many thousand photos have been snapped of the little guy. And when pics of his younger days are brought out I find a strange realization… I don’t find him cuter as a baby. I don’t miss or long for those days. I look forward to the little guy he can become – and this picture hints at that future. On the move. Focused and headed somewhere with happy purpose. And thankfully, Carrisa Uribe captured this moment for us with her great eye. More of this.


In some ways, this is a family pic which wouldn’t wind up in the “best ones” pile. Another photo from our shoot with Carissa, but this one tells my favorite story. Bodie is hating being confined and is prepping for meltdown. Catherine is doing her regular job of beautifully keeping him in check. I’m making some absurd commentary on how our life is going and she’s finding me funny. And though I’m making light of the situation, I’ve also got a hand on the dog, because she’s the real wild card of the group. As much as I don’t like pictures of me, this photo is the story of us.

Who knows what 2012 will bring. I’m looking forward to seeing it captured.


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